• Adult organized competition
    Adult organized competition
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    For all true development to unfolded up to that point, they have to have been given the secure environment, the safe space that the parent, and then the society itself is a safe space. They can enter into it with a full focus of attention. Whereas the child who is from the beginning denied a safe space, and who's having to divert a great deal of that energy to try to set up a defense system against a world they can't trust. Then at each of these periods it's going to fall into the same knee jerk reflex. They're simply going to try to defend themselves against each new stage of development that opens up. So when it comes to competitiveness, they're not going to be competitive within any kind of the developmental way. There will be no growth through it. It will simply be the necessity to create even deeper more ingrained defense patterns against a world which they now really can't trust because it's moving against them competitively which they have to interpret as threat.