• Play is Learning
    learning and conditioning
    learning, play, intelligence
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    Real learning takes place by what Maria Montessori would call the absorbent mind of the child. Simply absorbing their universe, absorbing it, becoming it, and they do this through play. Play can be the most serious undertaking of a child's life. It is the most serious undertaking. They are completely entrained in play. Mind, the three parts of the mind; thought, feeling, action, the body, every aspect of the child's self, entrains solely focuses totally on the activity of absorbing their world.  Absorbing their environment. They're more serious active to their life because they're literally building their construction of knowledge of the world, of themselves, of the relationship between the two and laying down all the foundations for the later forms of intelligence. And in all of that, play is the activity itself. So you have those two things. What we think of as learning is conditioning, training is conditioning, but real learning is that stage of play. We have to interrupt the child's real state of learning or play in order to bring about what we think should be their training and their conditioning.