• The intelligence of the heart
    The intelligence of the heart
    intelligence of the heart
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    There’s no distinguishing in my book between the spirit and life.  That’s why in my book “Biology of Transcendence” I used the little quote from the poem, “the force that serves a green fuse, dries the flower, dries my green age.”  They’re the same.  To speak of God this way is pantheistic and so on and so forth.  Drop God, we don’t need God here, we need to talk about the actual fluid movement of life and recognizing that.  And that’s why in the statements that we find in Jesus for instance in which really you don’t find God as such, he’s been translated as Father, the Father this and the other, and they have found that in the original language which is both the, the original Jewish language that he spoke in the word that he used was ‘creator’ which in all of his metaphors and the whole metaphoric fabric in which he tried to explain this you have the idea of a feminine movement of giving birth. So this feminine movement gives birth to the universe and all things instant by instant, that’s the spirit of life.  His term for it was just creator.