• Top down influences
    Top down influences
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    In terms of true development, which is not simply intellect, what we call education misses the point completely. Here again we get into what Rudolph Steiner had in mind behind its Waldorf education. The real issue rests within the image making capacities of the human mind.  That can create an internal image in the earliest period which can overlay the external image and we play in the modulated reality of our own making.  That’s precisely what led Visclosky famous expression, developmentalist’s terms with this image making factor. William Blake considered it the way in which we are formed in the image of God is our imagination.  It’s divine. Then we get into the issue of the idio-savant. All this indicates a top down influence. Fields themselves, suggest a top down influence on the regular biological process. Interestingly enough Mozart comes very close to having been that type of savant.