• It is culture that makes us violent
    It is culture that makes us violent
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     Ashley Montague, one of our greatest Biologists said girls were far, far more viable and successful survivors than boys.  And we know that’s the truth.  We don’t need to go into all that.  And yet we think we have to, we treat boys much more stringently than we do our girls.  We pamper them, put ribbons on them, but the boys have to get out and, with the assumption that they have to do that to survive saber tooth.   But evolution has created a neural structure and heart connection here not to out-wrestle saber tooth, which is what the great big hulking physique and all this is so terribly rampant today, to out-wrestle saber tooth nature created a neural brain mind heart system by which we can simply outwit saber tooth’s.   But we sacrifice that capacity of using the higher intelligences to survive on behalf of this brute strength idea which makes awfully good soldiers and so on an so forth, but it makes a very poor evolutionary example.