• How culture protects itself at our expense
    How culture protects itself at our expense
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    There’s no such thing as a static process.  It’s all moving, can’t stick your foot in the river twice or whatever.  So it’s a moving fluid process which we get to be the means by which this takes place, the great grace that has been given us. We are that means.  To deny the moving fluid process, moving for its own expression and freezing it into a fixed system is a result of culture.  My claim in both of my last books was that you have the fluid movement with no place to lay its head representing the probably mythological or certainly mythological overlaid and highly romanticized figure of Jesus underneath which there has to have been a real event.  And the counter acting force of Paul who has his own Metanoia his own great insights and so forth, and uses this figure, this mythological overlaid romantic figure, as his own ploy in setting up a new system of control, prediction and control over a populace.