• There's no time-out outside of the contest.
    There's no time-out outside of the contest.
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    Most humans are not ready to call into question the very nature of the process they're engaged in as a team because then why are we a team? Oh, well if we're not a team than what happens to the game. It's as if they're all going to fall apart. That they're, as individuals and as groups, held together by the strands of the contest net and they don't know what to do when someone steps outside and says hey there's another net out here. No, this is the only net that supports me and it becomes - what seems to me not just a material net in the sense of money and prestige and all that, but an actual physiological, that the person actually feels very afraid in their body and in their spirit to say no to the kinds of things that the team is going to require of them.