• My Value In A Contest Culture
    My Value In A Contest Culture
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    My sense of connection to people will be defined by well what can they offer me? What am I getting out of this? What value do they have? And that whole process begins then for me to value, not just individuals, but whole entire groups of people. Children for example in a culture have no value because there's no prestige value associated with children. They aren't coinage of the realm so to speak. We can't do anything with them. So, whether it's children, whether it's women, whether it's minority groups, whether it's me as an individual, once I become cut off and my sense of self becomes attached to things out there, at some point I won't even know how to value myself. I won't even know how to reach back and find out: Well how do I play? How do I love? What does it mean to be safe?  What is safe? I don't know what safe means. Safe has always been these other things like a big home, a car.