• Contest vs Original Play
    Contest vs Original Play
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    Once you've lost that original sense of belonging and you're put out there essentially alone, than you're told well you need these little belongings like family, gang, country and so on, so you will do the things in order to satisfy and defend yourself in order to keep those boundaries secure around yourself.  Those little belongings, whether it's a family, a culture, a gang, a team, then hook you in to the things that they support in order to keep you a member. So membership becomes exceedingly important and you are valuable only as long as you're a member. And it doesn't matter whether it's a sports team, an urban gang, a member of an army, it's all the same process of you are good only as long as you abide by our terms of membership and you pay us allegiance. Once you stop paying allegiance, than you're not a member of the team. You're not a member anymore. Not being a member is just absolutely crucial to life's survival for a human.