• 4 Greedy self or common self
    The Greedy Self or The Common Self
    neurobiology, morality, culture, child development
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    If you are raised with that much experience in the natural world, without much experience in inter-subjectivity and resonance and attunement with others, which we’re doing to kids today, you’re going to have a sense that either you’ll be in that self-protective mode of the way the world works is for me to be dominate or I have to submit.  Dominance is better usually but some people prefer submission.  And so you’re going to have an attitude that you can’t survive or you can’t be well-off, you can’t feel safe unless you’re in control.  So you’re going to want to control others as much as possible and make sure everything is left brain ordered.  You don’t have much of a right hemisphere of self-regulation.  You regulate yourself with things.  You horde stuff.  You accumulate lots of money.  Whatever it is, something out there has to make you feel okay.  So you don’t have an inner sense of balance so that you get easily thrown off tract if things aren’t following your script.