• 2 Multiple types of morality
    Multiple types of morality
    neurobiology, morality, culture, child development
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    What happens I think in the rest of society now is that we raise children without what they need and so they’re easily stressed and going into the self-protective mode.  We put them in schools though and we tell them you need to know this information and if they can survive there and do well, they develop sort of a detached imagination.  We say don’t feel. We put them in rooms where we don’t want them to feel, don’t want them to sense their body’s because they’re just sitting a chair, so they learn to disassociate in this way of intellect, what we call intellect, and that then becomes dominant.  So I think adults who succeed in our culture these days of shifting between the self-protective mode and then this detached imagination or if they’re self-protected and imaginative they’ll be vicious.  They’ll want to impose their will on someone else by their only ideology or even if they think like a Missionary or others we’re going to help those people over there.  Those poor Africans you know, they need my help and I’m going to go in and impose my view of what’s good on them.