• Attachment and Authenticity 06
    ADD is another coping mechanism
    bonding, attachment, wellness, ADHD, parenting
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    Because the initial environment was so stressed, not because the parent didn’t love them, it’s not because you’re blaming anybody, not because the parents didn’t do their best, but it was them themselves that was so stressed that the child dealt with the stress in the environment by tuning out when their brain was developing. And furthermore, when the Dopamine circuits, Dopamine they mean incentive motivation attention chemical, which we supplement with Ritalin or Dexedrine later on if we diagnose these people, those Dopamine circuits don’t develop well when the environment is totally stressed. So it’s a perfect storm that we’re creating in our society by stressing parents, by cutting asunder the tides of culture, tribe, clan, village, extended family, so neither children or parents have that supportive context. No wonder you’re going to have more children with troubled brains.