Being Happy In A Sad World

All the things we won’t be able to share

Becoming a father again late, meant that I might bring greater experience and perhaps a trace of wisdom to the most important challenge anyone will face, helping the next generation meet their unknown future with transcendent resilience, a light heart, deep sense of purpose, empathy and beauty. Even in the face of global extinction.

Understanding that each age and stage of development opens to and developes different capacities, it became obvious that some qualities can be modeled and shared at any age. Others must wait. Early in my relationship with Carly Elizabeth the simple fact that I may not be around when that time in her life comes, loomed like Everest.

Notes for Carly

Our Embodied Pre-Cognitive Charge

Download and Print: Our Embodied Pre-Cognitive Charge

A simple way to understand and imagine how early experiences continue to influence our lives, what we think, and culture.

child development

"The Times They Are A-Changin"

Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'

Wellcom Leap into Transhumanism #2

Part Two of Wellcom Leap into Transhumanism,

Putting the pieces together.

Transhumanism; COVID

Wellcom Leap into Transhumanism

I have often shared, traditional public media, what we used to call ’news,’ is not news, rather a well into which propaganda is dumped to be strategically fed via Smartphone-IVs to the veins of each of us.


More on How All The Pieces Fit - RFK With Whitney Webb

Following our last post, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Whitney Webb expand on the connections between Siclone Valley, COVID Passports, and the National Securit State.

As Robert begins, Whitney Webb is one of the best investigative reporters in the world, similar to Alison McDowell. For those who live in California and wondered why our state is one of the most restricted in the nation, easy, where is Silicone Valley? Please carve out the time to listen. If you have not viewed the three interviews in our previous post, do it now. Each is part of a global puzzle that reveals what is really happening today, who is driving the bus, and where it is going. It is our future.

Michael Mendizza


Understanding How All The Pieces Fit

It is impossible to understand what happened in 2020, how it changed the world, and its continuing momentum, by looking at the headlines, any more than you can see the big picture of a large jigsaw puzzle by studying one piece, or two or three, especially when the pieces don’t fit together, intentionally.


Stepping Out of The Game

Stepping Out of The Game

What Does Freedom Feel Like?

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Natural life will only remain viable if we collectively step out of the game and forge a path towards healing ourselves and the earth.

Alison McDowell

Abstract: What follows, Stepping Out of the Game, What Does Freedom Feel Like? defines culture and its function as a conservative set of relative and abstract filters or beliefs designed to limit and constrain human behavior. Implicit is a biological-cultural conflict between our authentic nature and those behaviors predetermined and accepted by the limited set of behaviors approved by culture. The primary role of enculturation is imprinting each new human being with the approved set of acceptable behaviors. This is accomplished by the child building an internal image of themselves, the social-ego, by comparing and mirroring their degree of conformity. Once created, most effectively with the unfolding and development of verbal language, the internal social image is updated, moment by moment, by parent approval or punishments, and by various cultural institutions, such as compulsory schooling, the church, and other social hierarchies. Understanding the reciprocal and mirroring dynamic between the outer culture and inner image, we discover that they are one process, viewed from two perspectives, inner and outer, micro and macro, and share the same essential function, to predict, limit and control human behavior, at the exclusion of humanity’s vast and unknowable innate capacities. The primary means of cultural control is through the image. Having an insight into the nature and function of the social image, or personal ego is like seeing behind the trick of a magician. The illusion loses its power. This translates into a quality of freedom that few ever experience. Complete attention is given to meeting the challenge de jure, rather than splitting attention between conforming to cultural expectations, winning, for example, or not failing, and pure learning and performance for its own, intrinsic value and pleasure, not prejudged by culture. Athletes call this state of freedom the Zone, researchers call it Flow and children call this state Play. The common factor is freedom from the limitations and constraints imposed by the cultural image. No longer being defined by culture, we reset our default state of consciousness to express our true authentic nature, which is nature in its vast, fullest potential. This fundamental reset to the natural order of the mind, how it redefines thought and imagination as tools in the service of our authentic nature, is now a matter of species survival.


What I Learned in 2020

Posted on Thu, 01/09/2020
Profit From The Harm They Cause
In 2012 it became clear, at least to me, that there was a hidden agenda to reduce human population. Further, the primary strategy would be stealth biology. See,
When bad is good So shocking were the implications that I sat on the essay for several years, appreciating that it would appear, and be neutered, as some nutcase conspiracy. In that draft, it was clear that the cartels that shorten the lives of human beings or prevent their conception would profit from the harm they caused. Yesterday, in Albany NY, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. made the same claim.

What I learned in 2020 was sobering, frightening, and in a way, liberating. Dissolving dogma is, after all, freeing. Like you, I struggled to make sense of daily nonsense. Nothing really fit. In many ways, it still doesn’t. I needed a pair of 3D glasses to see what really held these world-changing events together. Then, click, I got it.

First, being a filmmaker, it was crystal clear that everything being presented in mainstream media is scripted. No exceptions. Newscasters and most writers are paid to pretend they are journalists.

It doesn’t take much digging to realize that most of what you see on mainstream media and social media — including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube — is being cleverly manipulated with sophisticated propaganda derived from decades of data stolen from you and the rest of the population by Google. If you rely only on these mainstream media, you will only hear the official propaganda narrative about the pandemic, because everything else has been censored — everything, 100%.  Mercola, 5.1.21

Second, what appears to be daily news, that is, the way the world appears to be spontaneously responding to current events, is not what is happening. Nothing happening is spontaneous. See number one.