what you eat

We have been deeply conditioned to believe that others, the experts know what is best. We assume that the FDA is looking out for ‘our’ wellbeing and best interest. That the foods we gather from the super market are safe. It is our responsibility to be informed and make healthy decision about the quality of life we experience.

Thirty years ago I took a nutrition course from a certified chemist, pharmacist, nutritionist, three disciplines. Referring to the cereals we feed our children, Cheerios, Wheaties, CoCo Puffs, he said eating the box would be more nutritious than its contents; at least one would be getting some fiber. In the United States we pay far more for packaging at the market than what the wrapper contains.

And to this we must be aware (beware) of the pesticide, depleted soils. chemical fertilizers, genetically engineered seeds, polluted oceans so the fish that we eat almost glow in the dark. And then we ask why our children are the least healthy ever.

I encourage you to take the time to look at two video presentations;

Food and Behaviour
The first is by Dr Blaylock on the relationship between food and behavior. A classic.

Food as Medicine
The second is about food as medicine. Only online for one week. so don't miss it.

Together they provide a super reminder that we are what we eat. What we eat determines to a great extent our moods, behaviors and even the quality of thoughts we think. Food is indeed the best preventive medicine when packaged with lots of pure water and joy filled movement.

As the toxic ring in the tub goes up, we need to be even more mindful every day.

Michael Mendizza