Why Males Are Disappearing
And becoming more Feminized

This is important - A new report highlights the critical risks facing unborn males and male toddlers from gender bending chemicals found in everyday products.

baby imageBoys born to women exposed to hormone disrupting chemicals have smaller penises, feminization of the genitals, are more likely to dress in girl’s clothes and play with dolls.

Male infertility is rising dramatically. Young men today are half as fertile as their fathers.

Male births are declining compared to females at alarming rates.

At levels as low as several parts per billion chemicals used as softeners in thousands of items, soap, rubber shoes, bath mats and soft toys, have been blamed for blocking the action of testosterone in the womb and are alleged to cause low sperm counts, high rates of testicular cancer and malformations of the male sexual organs.

Research suggest that male fetuses between 8-12 weeks after conception can be demasculinised by exposure to such chemicals.

Peat Myers, Chief Executive Officer of Environmental Health Science has been involved with the science behind this issue since it began. He describes with profound clarity how hormones bind with DNA which trigger protein expression - and how chemicals that mimic hormones, in this case estrogen, are altering human development around the world.

This issue is affecting all of our lives and will for years to come.
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