Where the personal and transpersonal meet: on death, near-death experiences, Gurdjieff, Samdhong Rinpoche, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Krishnamurti, David Bohm, Yogananda, Joseph Lanza, the observer is the observe, and mysterious reality called consciousness.

A vegan colleague suddenly had trouble walking, then discovered that systemic cancer was the cause. Within weeks he found himself in hospice confronting a moment we all will face. As part of our ongoing conversation I shared;

Gurdjieff describes; ‘we don’t have a soul, rather we create one by the quality of our living.’ In The Grand Biocentric Design, Joseph Lanza, MD, explores how the observer, by the very act of observing or consciousness, collapses the infinite potential of timeless, nonlocal wave-forms into particles or matter, things, the body, and the universe, and how this collapse creates time and space. In the Biology of Transcendence, and Joe’s last book, Strange Loops, Gestures of Creation, Pearce explores how consciousness, a blending of rational imagination and passion, creates a state or wave-form that transcends the brain and the need for a material body. Joe proposed that this entrained state of consciousness creates a nonlocal wave-form, or persistent pattern, that abides beyond the limitation of the body. David Bohm described how matter dissolves seamlessly into mind. The latest genetic explorations reveal that the perceived genetic sequence is a transistor or tuning fork that resonates and expresses a genetic wave-form, similar to a unique genetic symphony, a discovery that redefines the physical structure called DNA as the radio translator (a tuning fork) that express our ‘unique’ symphony. It was found that after the physical genetic structure was removed, the resonate wave-form symphony persists, like a ghost melody lingering in the room, perhaps forever. As David Bohm explores in Wholeness and the Implicate Order, the infinite potential of the wave-form is implicit in the particle, ever-present, yet hidden by our point of view.

In speaking with Samdhong Rinpoche I asked, is there one soul or many? “The drop dissolves back into the ocean,” he said, “but retains that unique drop-ness that is Michael or Marsha, recognizable without a physical form, like hearing or recognizing a unique invisible symphony.”

As a radio receiver can attune to, and translate into awareness the invisible broadcast, in some cases or states people like Joe, Yogananda, Krishnamurti, and others can and have attuned to the resonate symphony called Patty or Sri Yukteswar, or Nitya, Krishnamurti’s brother, or young Krishnamurti’s recently passed mother. Clearly, a mind filled with conditioned images and concepts, what we call thought and memory, is too preoccupied with its self-centeredness to translate these subtle energies onto conscious awareness. Is our conscious awareness overflowing with reflexive memories and projections or is it quite, able to attune to the infinite potentials that are not self-generated?

Death and near-death experiences, along with other out-of-body experiences seem to express this wave-form symphony, first by the wave-form itself, now free from the body, being conscious as a symphony, and second, on occasion, to share this wave-consciousness with others, as Patty, Joe’s first wife did after her crossing with Joe and with her mother, as Sri Yukteswar did with Yogananda, as Krishnamurti’s brother Nitya did with Krishnamurti, and countless other experiences.

Charles, a longtime friend, and poet, crossed some months ago. As he did, Annie, his former wife, and companion dreamt of Charles. “Oh, Annie,” Charles said, “I’m free. I’m flying. I’m so happy.” Annie is quite sure that this dream-state-communion was Charles assuring her that he is not only OK, but free, ecstatic, and flying. Imagine what that free, ecstatic, transcendent, soaring-symphony might be.

It is here, in the resonate, nonlocal wave-form we call soul, that our ancestors sing their chorus, a timeless, eternal symphony often mistaken as me. What is uniquely me, as Gurdjieff describes, is the unique voice I create by the quality of my living, which then becomes part of the chorus called Carly, our children. We are each a symphony of voices, and a unique voice, singing in a timeless universe of entangled symphonies, all happening together in the eternal present.

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