Five one-hour web-presentations with questions and answers on Unconditionally Free, the Life and Insights of J. Krishnamurti, beginning Friday, May 15 through Tuesday, May 19, at 4 PM PST with Michael Mendizza, hosted by The Krishnamurti Center Canada. Touch the Future participants will enjoy a 50% saving on registration. Contact Ralph ( to register.


You may be aware that for the past forty years I have been documenting and writing about the insights of J. Krishnamurti. Why include insights from Krishnamurti as a resource for child and parent development? “The better we know ourselves the more appropriate our model will be for children, who are, after all, the future of humanity.” Child development is ‘model-dependent’ and we are that model.

The field of psychology deals with various beliefs we hold about who we are. Most so-called spiritual and religious traditions offer a set of beliefs about morality; good and bad behavior. Krishnamurti’s insights dig deeper into the very nature and structures of thought, how we are conditioned by beliefs, traditions, and often blinded by the images we have about ourselves others. True intelligence is a living, moving field of perception-action that is not based on thought, time, or cultural conditioning with its beliefs. Krishnamurti challenges our often false assumptions and redirects our attention to this living field of wholeness with its radically different basis for our behavior and relationships with our children and every living thing.

Unconditional Free is perhaps the most comprehensive overview of this teacher’s life and insights.

Friday, May 15: Session One – Over Forty Years

My journey: What I have learned these past forty years and what new insights emerged writing and compiling the most comprehensive overview of Krishnamurti’s insights to date. What Makes Krishnamurti Different. A survey of K’s talks, writings, and insights throughout the decades.

Saturday, May 16: Session Two – Exploring the Vacant Mind

  • What Happened Under the Pepper Tree in 1922?
  • Krishnamurti with quantum physicist David Bohm
  • Why is the vacant mind relevant?

Sunday, May 17: Session Three – Do We Come with a Begging Bowl?

  • Why is it apparently so difficult to experience what the teachings describe?
  • Taking Thought Too Seriously
  • Silence, Emptiness, Space
  • To Me or Not To Me
  • The Awakening of This Other Intelligence
  • Self-Deception on Steroids
  • There Are No Teachings

Monday, May 18: Session Four Always Awakening – Conversations with Samdhong Rinpoche

  • Krishnamurti Did Not Conform to Any System
  • Begin with Emptiness
  • Maya and the Power of Self-Deception
  • No Psychological Becoming
  • If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him
  • Krishnamurti’s Mission Is to Challenge

Tuesday, May 19: Session Five – A Map

  • Experiencing Directly
  • A Unique Use of Language
  • Personal Self-Image and Its Twin, Culture, Falsely Assume Supreme Importance
  • With Complete Attention, There Is No Observer
  • Space and Insight: Creating Room for Intelligence to Act
  • Conditioned Thought, including Knowledge and Time, Is Not Intelligence
  • Attention, not content, opens the door