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So many things to consider.

From time to time when an extraordinary topic surfaces, one that impacts all of us I post them to Touch the Future’s home page.

Architects and Engineers for Truth about 911.

Bill Moyer on ALEC, the way corporations manipulate state legislation.

A fabulous three hour audio interview with Pulitzer nominated journalist-activists Chris Hedges; on how the US got into the mess we are in.

Steve Job’s 2005 Commencement speech.

An in-depth look at Fluoride.

Another Bill Moyer program in how money + media = propaganda, and more.

See them all here...

In case you missed it – there is a wonderful discussion linked to my last blog Pleasure Is BAD Get Over It, with Jim Prescott, Marylin Milos, Lisa Reagan and I dealing with circumcision.

Jim followed up with an essay-blog that summarizes the national and international pressure he and others have been applying on this – dare I say – sensitive issue.

Michael Mendizza