Cell Phones and WiFi = Microwave Radiation

Fried-Brains in the Sand
For months, no, years, the research keeps pouring in. Microwave radiation affects LIFE from DNA expression to birds, bees, our bodies and our brains. Yet, we give this radiation to our kids, hold it up to our heads, fill our homes and workplaces with it - without blink. How strange is that? Poison is poison - even if we can’t see it

There are two fundamental issues: Learning and Behavior and the way microwave radiation damages the body. 

On the first: Joan Almond and the Alliance for Childhood just released a lovely report:
Facing the Screen Dilemma. A must read on the impact of screen time on learning and behavior. Also see:
The Emerging Technology Disaster in Early Childhood Education.

A new documentary: Resonance – Beings of Frequency, begins by describing how the earth’s and our brain’s natural frequency are the same and what happens when we introduce artificial microwave radiation. Up to date and revealing. View and share.

Then dig deeper with Barry Trower, former government agent specializing in microwave radiation by the military.

Government, Industry and Government Scientists will be responsible for more deaths (of civilians) in peace time than all the terrorist organizations ever. The evidence I have is showing this is correct. I put my money where my mouth is and stand my ground. I trained at the Governments Microwave Warfare establishment in 60's. I worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit, which used microwaves.

In the 70's I helped de-brief spies trained in microwave warfare.
My first degree is in Physics (I specialized in microwaves)
My second degree is a research degree.
I have a teaching diploma in human physiology.
I teach advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College.

Trower, author of the Tetra Report [Tetra a telecommunications system used by police]...

I predicted the illnesses, which the officers now complain of. I predicted the illnesses the residents now complain of.

Secret Report On Cell Phone Dangers And Tetra.
Confidential Report On TETRA Strictly For The Police Federation Of England and Wales
By B. Trower 11-25-4

Low-level microwaves have been known as very dangerous to our soft, water-based bodies since the 1970’s, when Government Scientists warned the military, at the time, against exposure (enclosed). It makes absolutely no difference which box they come out of: be it TETRA/02/Airwave [police telecommunication system] – or any of the mobiles. The pulsing (modulations), power-density and frequency may cause variations with some people – but you cannot change the risk factor of the basic microwaves. Consultant Solicitor Alan Meyer said “It is quite simple – an employer must provide a safe system of work”: You cannot – and will never – be able to demonstrate that long-term, low-level microwaves are safe.


Pleasure is BAD Get Over It

The Time cover Mom Enough, marked the 20th anniversary of The Baby Book by William Sears, MD, labeling attachment parenting practices such as child-led weaning as “extreme.” No surprise, expected really, by echoing a professional party line dating back over 100 years times ten and more.

Please review and share the fabulous re-shoot and Pathways Family Wellness Magazine follow-up on Times most provocative cover story in decades.

To understand why, first realize that a woman’s body was built, among other tings, for pleasure. In a culture where pleasure is BAD pleasure becomes a commodity, something to be possessed, sold and controlled, especially by males whose normal sensory development has been retarded resulting in a cultural hyper-need-response to what is deprived, driving up the value and the compulsive need to possess and control it.

Ashley Montague notes in the Dehumanization of Man (and Woman via children), ‘the central issue of Western thought and civilizations is freedom vs. control.’ In 1932 with the publication of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley predicted an increasing and rapid centralization of power and control, not through oppression and terror, we have that too, but rather through the subtler devices of conditioning, persuasion, new drugs and distraction. What does rapid centralization of power and control have to do with breast feeding and equally intimate circumcision?

sensory deprivation

BPA Impairs Social Relations


James W. Prescott, PhD sent news that research documents that BPA, an endocrine disrupter, impairs social relations until the fourth generation. The reproductive damage of BPA has been well documented. See Peat Myers interview below. The social consequences of endocrine disruption are new. The importance of this finding and its impact on the socialization of humanity is staggering.

We all know that the environment controls and regulates gene expression even damages gene structure and function. Some 80,000 chemicals dumped into our environment most of them toxic. BPA is just one, and alone represents 7 billion pounds annually.

prenatal learning

Mistaken Identity

mistaken identity

We are not what we think we are, of that I am sure. And yet, what we think we are shapes our behavior, the quality of our relationships, our values, feelings of right and wrong, justice, and compassion. The key to personal and social transformation, which as we will see, are the same thing, is ‘identity.’

A breathtaking scientist, author and friend, Howard Bloom, writes about social biology, how independent particles, molecules, simple organisms team up to form super-organisms, how they share information, act in unison, form even bigger networks or gangs called species, on and on. Zooming back these appear as continents, oceans, planets, solar systems and galaxies, all moving, changing, forever.

Where do we draw the line that separates ‘me’ from everything else? The sieve-like membrane we call skin is so full of holes it forms no boundary at all. 30% to 40% of our body weight is bacteria and other parasite-guests hitching a ride. Without these micro-beasts we would not be. Is the bacteria living inside each of us – us? If not, we are a little more than half of what we think we are.

Perhaps we are defined by our thoughts which seem to emanate from nowhere between our ears, in the black hole just behind eyes. But thoughts just don’t happen, nor do feelings. Thoughts and feelings are shadows first cast by sensations coming from out there and then bouncing around like pinballs inside, triggering feeling and thinking bells along the way. Take away out there and in here disappears too. Inner and outer give rise to each other, and I am both.

Every now and then something new appears, a fresh perception. Musing about the reciprocal nature of what we are – suddenly, after reading a particularly explosive paragraph Howard had written, there it was. What I call me, my social-cultural identity, my personal ego or image of self-inside and the outer images that make up the culture-outside are the same. Looking through different ends of a toy telescope the inner and outer appear completely different – but they are, in fact, the same process, both are images.

Right, wrong, do this, not this, good boy, bad girl, language, the names we give things are all embodied reflections of the collective super-ego we call culture. Growing up, needing to belong, we personify these collective images as a self-image, and that’s what I think I am, but am not.


The Importance of Hugging

Compassion? Wisdom?
Sorry, no one by that name lives here...

My son recently graduated from college. He could have been one of these UC Davis students. The well fed skin-head on the right is the riot clad officer hosing our children with pepper spray as they sit, Gandhi style, arm in arm, nonviolently. This act, not by students but by our friend the civil mercenary, and others like it around the world (see below), rips the thin skin of civility off our eyes. Serving and protecting, yes, but who and what? Watching his unaffected cruelty, like food poisoning, vomits up the question, How could he do such a thing?

In 1981 when a friend was nearly raped and murdered by a stalking stranger I asked the same question, Why would a man do such a thing? How can a man who supposedly loves his wife beat her so violently it caused brain damage? Or a coach, scream at an eight year old for dropping a ball? Violence is so easy, so natural. Or is it?