The Killer Flu is Coming

This is getting tiresome. Anybody out there?

Ever since 2002, we’ve archived newsletters chronicling all the Boutique Epidemics:

Swine Flu in 2002

Avian Flu in 2006


Ebola in 2014

the fake Disney measles  campaign of 2015

ZIKA in 2016

the fake flu “epidemic” of 2018 the non-existent measles outbreak of 2019, to name a few. Check Newsletter Archive. Remember?

Boutique means made to order, manufactured, evanescent, etc. We showed how each one of these false epidemics followed precisely the same blueprint:

1. Claim a disease threat from a new bug, in an exotic location

2. Instill worldwide panic with unrelenting media

3. Offer a medical solution, usually a vaccine

4. Spend the money

5. The threat disappears never to be heard of again

Corporate exploitation