Rachel wrote:
I have a question around bonding/brain/skin-to-skin.  I have a 7 week old, that I am attachment parenting...carrying in arms, co sleeping etc.  I spent a lot of the first 4- days with skin to skin, however since then hardly any skin to skin (as it is winter and I have two other children so it's not convenient.)  Can you give me some information around whether the skin to skin I did for the majority of the first 4-5 days was sufficient for optimal brain development/bonding or whether I should still be doing this?  Thank you. LOVE the website and the work you are all doing - it's the best thing for the world!

Dear Rachel,
Consider 'skin to skin' to be a general metaphor for close, intimate, touch, movement, face to face play, breastfeeding, which the world health organization recommends for 2.5 years or longer. The more senses involved in the relationship the better. Bottle feeding, for example, is sensory deprivation. It is nutritionally poor, lacks touch, movement, sight, smell, the sharing of pleasurable hormones all key components in feeling safe and connected. The baby is all about sensations. Carry the baby. Slings are great. Co-sleeping is wonderful. The more, mixed, playful and pleasurable the sensations or experiences the better. And don't forget, the pleasure and play goes both ways.



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