James W. Prescott, PhD is causing trouble again (and I’m glad he is.)

Do we have full gender equality? Why not?

At the core of Jim’s research is a mind/body split created by the male dominated intellect constructing images, beliefs, religions moral codes that proclaim the body, its sensations and pleasures, to be evil – resulting in an anti touch, anti sensuality, anti woman campaign perpetuated by men in order to control female sexuality and pleasure. The roots of this Violence Against Women (and children) are deep. Remember the Inquisition and its witch hunts that lasted 300 years?

In a series of blog posts Jim reviews Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality," by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá, an examination of prehistoric sex (pre-agriculture where earliest evidence of agriculture dated to about 8000 BCE) where hunter gatherers/foragers dominated this planet revealed a pattern of sharing and egalitarianism that included multiple sexual relationships. For perspective, the authors observed, “the amount of time our species has spent living in settled agricultural societies represents just 5 percent of our collective experience, at most”. They cited Jared Diamond: “The shift to agriculture is a ‘catastrophe from which we have never recovered’ ”.

It is the intent of this Blog to summarize the statistical cross-cultural data on pre-industrial, tribal cultures that support the theses of Sex At Dawn that sexual monogamy (premarital and extramarital sexuality are punished) is destructive to humanity and that multiple sexual relationships are highly associated with peaceful, non-violent and egalitarian behaviors (which have their roots in high infant/child affectional bonding that begins in the mother-infant child relationship), are necessary for the survival of homo sapiens.


Sexual Monogamy & Violence Against Women