Laura observed during our interview, “Some see the future before others.” Laura was Aldous Huxley’s wife; Aldous being the author of Brave New World, a vision of the future. Laura and Aldous were friends of J. Krishnamurti, another person who saw the future long before most.


My personal passion is to see the future my daughter Carly Elizabeth is inheriting; with all its beauty, the good, the bad, and the unimaginable. It’s my job, the ultimate responsibility for a parent. “Children become what we are, not what we tell them,” shared Joseph Chilton Pearce. Physicist David Bohm described; “We all stand on the shoulders of others.” What does this mean, to be those shoulders for humanity’s most important generation ever, right now, today, with the world-changing faster than a speeding bullet?

While most stand staring at their feet or phones, marinating in the induced, well-crafted state of global COVID shock; dazed, more or less numb, longing for what used to be that ‘normal’ comforting feeling, a few others are perched high in the Crow’s Nest, scanning the horizon for signs.

Do you want to see the future? Do you have the time? The energy? The attention, as Aldous did when he wrote Brave New World? No? Too busy? Then, “click,” and those waving in the Crow’s Nest will disappear! “Let what will be - be.”

If you are interested, passionate about what is looming just over the horizon, as it etches its way under our skin, infecting our children this very second, consider beginning with this brief excerpt;

They are looking for complete control
with Allison McDowell with Catherine Austin Fitts

They think they can engineer all the humans, with rare exception,
 into a poverty status, where they have complete control.

Note: Vaccine Passports and the preceding behavior control mandates; universal jabs with endless boosters, even for very young children who are 107 times more likely to die from the jab, masking the entire healthy global population, distancing, contact tracing, smart-city 24/7 real-time, three-dimensional surveillance, and more, are fear generating False Flag operant conditioning strategies created to herd humanity into the emerging global financial control net. mm

CAF:     A venture capitalist explained to me, look, we’re going to do everything with AI software and robotics. We don’t need humans anymore.

AM:     One [strategy] is Social Impact Markets. [see Weaponizing Blockchain-Profiting on Human Suffering] I think they are trying to use them to power this new system, to catalyze transhumanism.

CAF:     They are not exactly sure which way it’s going to go, and they’re going to manage the process into robotics so that the humans teach the robots and they, the robots, will optimize within the system. In other words, they are going to prototype pure robots versus cyborgs, versus humans. They are optimizers, so they want as much juice out of it [the process] as possible. Given technology; they think they can basically engineer all the humans, with rare exception, into a poverty status, where they have complete control. That gives them the ability to extract all the wealth… So, they are looking for complete control.

Read More (Link Added) then

Next, follow with Mercola; Chinese Defector Reveals COVID Origin. Beyond the source of the pandemic de jure, please give focused attention to comments regarding Chinese inspired Social Control Systems: Transcript here

Vaccine Passports Will Usher in a Social Credit System

Of course, the COVID shots and the vaccine passports also fit into the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] agenda by making the whole world accept and adopt the CCP's social control system. The vaccine passports are clearly designed to usher in a social credit system like they have in China. And with that, you get 24/7 digital surveillance and an unbelievable amount of control over every single person.

As explained by Yan, in China, the digital surveillance system is so advanced, if your phone GPS shows you were near an infected person, you are automatically ordered into isolation.

What's more, if parents or grandparents fail to get the COVID shot, the family's children are barred from school, even if they got the shot. Every aspect of life is linked together through this system [as Allison McDowell with Catherine Austin Fitts described above], so a poor social credit score will also have financial ramifications, and will dictate if, where and how you're allowed to travel.

Yan points out that Americans, being unaware of the Chinese surveillance system, don't understand that by agreeing with vaccine mandates and passports, they are saying yes to a total surveillance system that will dictate their entire lives. They're also saying yes to being guinea pigs for an endless stream of questionable vaccines.

"Once you support a mandate for two doses, then you have to support for the booster, and then support 60 boosters, 199 boosters. It [will be] endless," she says. "And you'll be tied into this [social] credit system you built."

China Wants World Dominance by 2035

According to Yan, China's goal is to achieve world dominance by 2035. With that aim in mind, they've spent decades developing unrestricted bioweapons. With COVID-19, they're well on their way.

"They want to use all this to overcome the world, and America is their primary enemy," Yan says. "So we have to stand up for the future, for our next generations. We cannot keep silent. This will be the last chance we have to fight against such communist evil plans and to save all of us. And, most importantly, we have to all work together to stop the next pandemic or attack that comes out of China …

[Just look at] what's happening in Hong Kong now. In two years, from 2019 until now, China destroyed the systems of law, democracy, and freedom in Hong Kong. They also enacted national security laws. Basically, they own your privacy. They own your freedom, and you are forced to listen to them.

There is no reason they can't do whatever [they want] to you. Basically, you are a slave living in a modern society. No doubt, once China overcomes America, it will be the same here, and maybe worse because they will have other technology at that time."

[Note: Without limiting the above, we have been deeply conditioned to think of We vs. Them. At the globalist level, think World Economic Forum and other similar organizations, national sovereignty is used as a chess piece to herd populations into increasingly tight control grids. Recall, central banks fund both sides of the World Wars. They profit from destroying and profit more by re-constructing based on their predator designs. The globalist “Reset” is no different.]

When asked what actions Yan believes we need to take to resist and derail this plan, she says:

"I want Americans to know that, first, adults should realize the evilness of Communism, Maoism, Marxism, no matter what name it changes to … And once you realize that, speak out about it, because they are using propaganda to brainwash people, to brainwash the kids.

Also, you must let your policymakers, legislators, know this. I'm a foreigner, but you are an American citizen. You can vote, so you must let them understand the importance and push them to do something. Don't believe the Chinese government and don't give any mercy to the CCP.

Also, you have to update your own system. Study the weakness in your whole system, [the weakness that allows them] to divide America. Once you do all these things, hold them accountable and don't let them do more. That's the end of the pandemic."

Now that you have a general idea, appreciating the long history, the players, institutions, and how all the pieces fit, you are empowered. And we need to be empowered to navigate the future they are creating for Carly Elizabeth today. To deepen this empowering overview, I recommend:

Catherine Austin Fitts & Corey Lynn Discuss Vaccine ID Passports and Global Control

Link Here

In this one-hour video, Catherine Austin Fitts and Corey Lynn discuss Corey’s 4-part report on the Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports and get into the specifics on where this is headed, who the key players are, how far along they are with each agenda, and solutions for combatting this tyranny. This is about much more than just a “vaccine ID passport,” it is about getting you a QR code for a digital identity that will eventually go onto the blockchain where they will trace, track, and monitor your every move in order to control your health records, all personal records, housing, jobs, food, access to establishments, transportation, and the financial system. They want total control over you.

If you haven’t yet read this extensive 4-part report, you can review it here:

  • The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 1
  • The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 2: How Your Digital Identity is Moving to the Blockchain for Full Control Over Humans
  • The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 3: The Key Implementers of Your Digital Identity onto The Blockchain
  • The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 4: BLOCKCHAINED
  • The full report is also available for download in The Bookshop in pdf format. Get the combo of parts 1 & 2 here, and parts 3 & 4 here.

How can we be the shoulders our children stand upon when we are blind, staring at the technologies that are programing what and how we think and feel?

J. Krishnamurti observed;

The Future is Now. To transform ourselves and this rotten society that we have created, and it is rotten, there must be a mutation now.”

We created society that quickly became a machine that dictated and defined what it meant to be a human being, in the image and likeness of that machine, not our authentic nature. Transhumanism is the ultimate extension of this anti-human, anti-life process. Today the technology exists to flip the ultimate switch.

The transforming mutation that Krishnamurti describes begins by disassociating with that process, now, not tomorrow; by no longer identifying with, or being dependent on, the machine. Technological hospital birth is part of the machine. The compulsory conditioning, we call schooling is a machine. How we source our food has become a machine. Organized religions are machines. So too are big and central banks. Of course, media is the way the machine programs the human brain.

When we identify with these machines, these tools use us, they define us. Like vampire bots they extract the unique transcendent spirit that is uniquely human, and replace that with machined cloned counterfeits, normalizing globalized slavery where most don’t even recognize what they have lost. Huxley’s Brave New World, or today, The Great Reset.

My hope is to awaken an immediate and profound perception in Carly, and if I’m lucky a few of her generation, of this process; the way ‘identity’ transforms life into mechanical addictions to culture, the machine, or liberates the human spirit in ways that actualize the Astonishing Capacities that were at the center of Joseph Chilton Pearce’s life and legacy. But first, I need to see the future.


Post Script

Attached is a continuation of our propaganda notes. This is what the average person is exposed to every day. I wish this was a formal debate where the calculated slander, known fraudulent statements, and other Logical Fallacies are openly challenged. But no. This is pure propaganda at its best, which means, at its worst. Please read carefully. How is it possible that this is what American politics has come to? As Tom Cowan, MD., notes, all the numbers are based on fraud, at best corrupt science twisted so many cycles, as with the PCR, that you end up with whatever number or result you ask for, spoon-fed to global media. Joseph Goebbels in style. Orwellian in practice. As of today, 12,700 non-partisan doctors and scientists have signed the Rome Declaration calling the policies described below, Crimes Against Humanity. In Huxley’s Brave New World and The Great Reset; Democrats are not Democrats. Republicans are not Republicans. Media is not journalism. All this is part of the ‘process’ described above that Carly and her peers need to see absolutely clearly. See:

58,000 Dead, and Depraved DeSantis Is Just Getting Started

Wajahat Ali / The Daily Beast Ron DeSantis.
(photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

24 October 21 Biden and the Democrats need to step up their efforts to stop these irresponsible death-cultists.

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis gave us a sneak preview of how Republican leaders will challenge the Biden Administration’s proposed mandate that would require private sector employers with 100 or more employees to either vaccinate their staff or impose weekly COVID tests. The mandate would affect nearly two-thirds of the private sector workforce, and judging from the success of other recent mandates, it would be a major step towards trying to flatten the COVID-19 curve and “reopen” America by 2022.

But on Thursday, DeSantis called for a special session of the state legislature, which will cost Florida taxpayers $1 million, to oppose the federal mandate and punish businesses with vaccine mandates, recommending they be held liable if a worker has an “adverse reaction.” He also said these businesses will no longer qualify for COVID-19 liability protection. One might think that “death” is the worst “adverse reaction” to a pandemic that has killed more than 700,000 Americans, but GOP leaders won’t let the Grim Reaper deter their endless culture war to rally their radicalized base and take back political power in 2022.

DeSantis tweeted that “no one should lose their job over a COVID shot,” but he seems less concerned with Floridians losing their lives over COVID. His state had more deaths than any other during the Delta variant spike this summer, and altogether over 58,000 people in his state have died so far from the virus. Unfortunately, it seems DeSantis, who is allegedly “pro-life,” cares more about his political future, softball interviews on Fox News, and the supposed rights of selfish and reckless pro-death GOP voters to spread the virus and kill the elderly and immunocompromised before Christmas.