beyond reason

We are attracted to experiences that feel good and turn away from those that hurt, pleasure and pain. Both are driven by millions of years of natural intelligence.

Affectionate touch, eyes that assure care and trust, warm cuddling, the life giving sensation of mother’s breast, being held when frightened, all the experiences we call nurturing involve pleasure. Like a beautiful flower, delicate and radiating, the female body percolates with pleasurable possibilities. Life’s continuity depends on pleasure. See Sex At Dawn.

Puberty transforms pleasure into reproductive sexuality, still deeply rooted in nurturing, but with a twist. The game changes. Clearly the enchantment of female pleasure is something few males can resist, which is, after all, nature’s intelligent design.

Being the source of pleasure the value and importance of the female body’s pleasure potential increases, at least in the often sensory deprived male imagination. Anything that valuable, like gold, becomes a commodity to be possessed and controlled. Doing so brings social power. The stakes are indeed high.

Anything that brings pleasure, whether it is substances or sex - individuals, governments and political-religious organizations step up to the gaming table and play their controlling hand. They make up rules, pass laws, boast of divine revelation, and have for centuries to possess and control - pleasure.

It is well know, to control one’s currency is to control its people, and controlling pleasure, in this regard, is worth its weight on gold. Ask the Mafia, similar in the way it profits from pleasure as the church and governments. No? Just glance at the 300 year Catholic Spanish Inquisition with its witch hunts and how many of its torturous techniques were sadistic sexual pervasions.

One of the easiest ways to control the enchantment and political power of pleasure, and therefore entire populations, is to reduce its potency. Locate the most sensitive pleasure producing tissues and remove it, claiming of course that an old bearded man seated on his cloud throne demanded so. Do this over and over and like any Big Lie (referring to Joseph Goebbels’s the German Reich Minister of Propaganda famous remark), becomes the truth.

Like Shakespeare’s ‘rose’ a lie, be it by the church, the government, Fox or the Wall Street Journal, is still a lie. It is well documented. Female and male circumcision was invented to reduce and therefore control pleasure and this unnatural and completely unnecessary procedure is forced. Like hooded prisoners at Guantanamo or the Inquisition, young girls and boys by the millions are held down by force, their legs spread and the most sensitive tissues, that nature evolved over millions of years is cut off, in most cases inflecting unbearable pain.

James W. Prescott, PhD, argues that circumcision, female and male, is a form or torture, illegal, demanding equal protection under 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Jim cites The General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948 that adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, specifically Article 5: "No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

Jim’s position is clear and lucid as the arguments raised by Joseph Chilton Pearce in The Death of Religion and Rebirth of Spirit, and by Sam Harris in End of Faith, both startling analyses of the clash of faith and reason in the modern world.

Pleasure is not nearly as demonic as is the behavior of those who seek power by controlling and profiting from it.

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Michael Mendizza