A dream that began in 2010, weaving together in one volume the themes that inspired Joseph Chilton Pearce for a lifetime, is now available.

Joseph Chilton Pearce His Life and Insights, Astonishing Capacities and Self-inflicted limitations.

I share without hesitation that Joe’s passion, his direct experience, childlike wonder, and incisive questioning lead to original insights; a deep and penetrating blend of developmental biology, the epigenetic role society, and culture plays in human development, personal revelations that quantum scientists are just now perusing, practical Vedic wisdom, and a vision of self and reality that explains and even makes assessable what most consider to be miracles. He opened the doors of perception for more than his generation, in ways that can, if understood and applied, radically change the future for us all.

At his home, I shared with Joe that many have read one of his books, but few have read them all. To understand his unparalleled achievement, those fortunate enough to be interested must appreciate that Joe wrote one book, with each major publication being a chapter in that unified expression. This new book provides that complete overview view of Joe’s life and insights.

We also discussed how true visionaries quickly fade, simply disappear from public awareness, regardless of the timeless wisdom they shared. To prevent this loss a new expression must capture the interest and imagination of each new generation. This new book holds this intent.

With this legacy in mind, I ask that each of you order two copies, one for yourself and another as a gift to a young friend, a son or daughter, nephew or niece, or simply for that special young person in your life. Tell them how his insights changed the lives of a generation, and how he holds the key to our common future. Everything you need to know about the book is available here.

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Editor’s Foreword: Joe’s Quest for Discovery, Awakening, and Renewal

Preface: Saga of Spirit and Psyche by Joseph Chilton Pearce

1 The Crack in the Cosmic Egg (1971) p1

2 Magical Child (1977) p36

3 The Bond of Power (1981) p91

4 Evolution’s End (1992) p134

5 The Biology of Transcendence (2002) p177

6 The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit (2007) p230

7 The Heart-Mind Matrix (2012) p274

“A change in world view changes the world viewed,” is the opening theme of Joe’s first book, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg. And we all know that the world we currently view needs changing, from the inside out. This change in the world view, which changes the world viewed, begins by understanding our astonishing capacities and self-inflicted limitations.

Thank you for your support and for helping carry Joe’s legacy forward.

Michael Mendizza