michael mendizzaSome reacted cautiously to our recent post Why Males Are Disappearing.
First glance reactions often surface. It is called prejudice - a pre-judgment.

This is a serious and important issue, one that demands careful inquiry and deep understanding. I encourage you to revisit our recent newsletter.

Download and read the complete interview with Peat Myers, Chief Executive Officer of Environmental Health Science, one who has been involved with the science behind this issue since it began. He describes with profound clarity how hormones bind with DNA which trigger protein expression - and how chemicals that mimic hormones, in this case estrogen, are altering human development around the world - it is excellent.

View the Canadian Broadcasting Documentary The Disappearing Male

Just today Dr. Mercola posted a lengthy article supporting our interest and concerns about this worldwide challenge to males, masculinity, male birth rates, testicular cancer and what you can do to prevent further exposure.

Please be informed. Then act.
(Not the other way around)