Turning the pages of The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health reads like a detective meticulously walking a Grand Jury through a global, highly organized crime scene. 450 pages, over 2,000 citations, revealing how out of 600,000 Americans who died, 85%, 510,000 could have been prevented by safe, inexpensive early treatment, that was intentionally, strategically blocked, censored, and withheld, compelling the global health care system to force and have victims pay for highly toxic and expensive alternatives. A pattern that has been repeated for decades. Over 6,700 doctors signed the Rome Declaration calling this willful withholding of life-saving treatment a crime against humanity. You will never look at the medical industry, government agencies, or prestigious medical journals the same.

In my post On Being Dissident, Vaclav Havel describes how an invisible force, latent and mysterious, bursts into human consciousness and people stand together and simply say “no,” and in that instant, the world changed. Ordering and sharing Kennedy’s book is a powerful way of adding your personal energy to this magical force. Please order and share five or more copies. Below is my correspondence with Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Thanks for that generous offer, Michael. I’m looping in my publisher and CHD Director.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Mr. Kennedy,
As I’m sure you hear daily, your vision, passion, and global leadership in this tipping point in the lives of children, and democracy, is more than inspiring. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation. Recall, Tom Cowan, M.D., introduced us. You were kind enough to help a colleague support Mercury Free Mining. Early in 2020, Tom recommended “Virus Mania” as a primer overview to current events, what you called Fauci’s “Groundhog Day” phenomena, in your recent interview with Joe Mercola. I ordered ten copies of your book when it was first announced, which arrived today.

In terms of the health and wellbeing of all children, and democracy, your book is likely ‘The Book of the Century.’ It represents a strategic strike at the very heart of America’s predatory healthcare system that helped cripple 54% of our nation’s children for profit, with Fauci driving the bus. As a litigator, your book documents this sordid history with over 2,000 citations.

My wife is Czech, born a few years before The Wall crumbled. I am inspired by Vaclav Havel’s, “The Power of the Powerless,” on being dissident. Havel describes how an invisible force, latent and mysterious, bursts into human consciousness and people stand together and simply say “no.” You and Joseph Mercola end your interview musing on what will it take to ignite that flame. As Havel describes, no one can point to this event or that act. But the flame does somehow explode and the world changes.

Being the owner of several small businesses I am also mindful of the way businesses are being used to the dirty work; enforcing lockdowns, passports, etc. A key metaphor in Havel’s essay is a shopkeeper placing the “party-line-poster” in his window. With this in mind, I would like to donate your book to anyone who might take an interest who visit my retail shops, as a public service, and a subtle form of civil disobedience, flipping the Havel shopkeeper metaphor. Every act, especially public, that negates censorship is a match that lights that flame. Let’s begin with 100 copies and see how it goes.