Sometimes it takes a lifetime to embody an insight our teachers share. Joe (Joseph Chilton Pearce) was like an idealized father, ideal in the sense of sharing together one’s passion. It is, I believe, every parent’s wish that their children see the light that illuminates our journey in the same way that every child wishes to be seen for whom they really are and not as an image to be compared.

There comes along, and very rare, true individuals, rebels, prophets who discover for themselves something more than life changing. They experience a Crack in their Cosmic Egg, the Cosmic Egg being an ancient metaphor for our self-world view, in a word ‘reality’ as we conceive it along with its implicit ‘identity.’ Peering through the cracks, cracks being events that are impossible in our assumed reality, one realizes that we, and everyone else, are infinitely more than the social shroud culture demands. What, a moment before, we declared impossible or with amazement – a miracle, now, through the cracks, is seen and understood as the way things are.

Joe understood that the moment a crack opens reality-culture-identity moves to defend, sealing it shut again and again. Pulled back into our pre-transformational identity we can muse and write about what took place, which he did for over fifty years. How is it that we become who and what we are and what miracles are excluded in this making? Can the images and assumptions that blind be seen for what they are and therefore not condemn?

I know of no other contemporary who experienced both sides directly and shared his Eureka’s with such relentless, childlike passion and clarity, not for himself but simply so others would be filled and transformed as he was. The same creative force that blinds opens the doors of perception to the unimagined. We are miracles and don’t know it. But what if we did? Imagine what human beings would create on this magnificent paradise, planet Earth, if we knew who and what we really are. That is, of course, the hope. 

With enduring gratitude.

Michael Mendizza