Suzann Arms of Birthing the Future is planning an international symposium on birth and how it affects the way the brain and therefore how culture develops. She asked for feedback – Though you might be interested…

It is done onto us as we perceive – as we believe – as we do onto others.

The emphasis you placed on birth – being the foundation of human development – is of course critical. I suggest that there is another focus, one that is deeper and more nurturing. The core insight driving all of our activities at Touch the Future is summarized in the preface for a new book in development Kids are NOT the Problem.

There is a pervasive, near universal perception – parenting is about kids. Just about everything a parent does and often thinks about is about ‘the kid.’ An alternative point of view, a completely different paradigm, is that kids provide the necessary catalyst for evolutionary development in adults. The first, parenting is about kids, places children, their care, education and development in the spotlight. They are the goal and focus of attention and resources. The second, becoming a parent is about adult development with kids providing the stimulus for this continuing growth, places the adult center stage. Adult growth and development then becomes the goal, focus of attention and target for resource investments. It sounds selfish but it’s NOT.

While both are true, the adult-child relationship is ever dynamic and reciprocal, the second serves everyone, the adult, the children they serve, society and the planet while the first handicaps just about everyone involved. The basic insight is that adult perceptions, actions, thoughts and behaviors represent the soil that the child’s limitless potential is planted in. Rich soil = strong healthy plant. Poor soil = weak, retarded, dis-eased plant development. If you want a strong healthy plant – it’s very simple - you enrich the soil. We must do the same for the life-seeds we call children. We are the soil and the nature and quality of the soil determines how well or not the plant develops.

If there is to be a change in the way we birth children – it must be preceded by an awakening of sensitivity and awareness (transformation) in the adult culture. As Krishnamurti so often said – the inner is the outer. We try to bring about changes in the outer while the real problem is inner and for the most part we are unwilling to face this.

The inner challenge has everything to do with the adulterated mind of the adult not the natural and open hearts and minds of the unborn. The spotlight must be on us – not the baby. Light a match in the darkened adulterated minds of adults and they will naturally stop stumbling over (neglecting and abusing) the baby.

It is done onto us as we perceive – as we believe – as we do onto others. If the only experience you have of good nutrition is a Big Mac – of what use is there talking about raw food? The challenge I see is finding ways to give today’s adults the experience of deep sensitive bonding to the earth and cosmos – and from this vast experience of reciprocal connection enter into the process of creating and nurturing new life. Yes, the baby being unadulterated has the potential of reawakening an unadulterated state in the adult. But don’t bet on it.

Our conditioning is too deep for innocence and wonder to penetrate. We must dissolve the false hopes and fears associated with our individualistic self-image-feelings. We are not what we think we are. We are the world. We are the whole of humanity and all organic life. But we Think and Believe that we are Michael and Suzanne. It is this belief that is grows our heart of darkness and perpetuates violence. First things first. Do onto ourselves first and the baby will be taken care of quite nicely – most often beneath the level of our awareness… Sounds selfish but it’s NOT. With admiration and affection m