Another beautiful article, Michael, and you even mentioned female genital mutilation. But what about our boys? Circumcision is where sex and violence meet for the first time. And, regardless of the reason for the mutilation, it is always perceived by the baby as betrayal by the mother. She was responsible for the baby's successful completion of his first developmental task -- to establish trust. She failed him and how can he ever trust a woman again? His mother handed him up to be sacrificed on the circumciser's platter! The baby's psyche is shattered in those gruesome fifteen minutes of agonized torture. And, we do this to the fragile male for the purpose of control! He doesn't know that, but when he becomes the elder, he will be responsible for passing the wound along.

One day, we will heal our earth, as Jeannine Parvati Baker said, by healing birth! Thanks for helping!

Marilyn Milos On Circumcism