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A trick question:
When is waking up from a bad dream bad?

Sure, there are many reasons to go to college. Getting a good job is not one of them. 50% of 2010 graduates are unemployed and the prospects for 2011 grads are similar. We have been told/sold that doing ‘good’ in school is the road to the good life. Good education = a good job and secure future. Not true. The costs of a college education continue to rise. Student loans (which use the same predatory Wall Street scams that burst the housing bubble) are greater than credit card debt in the US!

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Bottom line: For the majority of US families the cost of a college education is not worth the investment. This is shocking for most, but not all. Steve Jobs did not finish college, nor did Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Thomas Jefferson, the list is long. View these two videos on The College Debt Machine.debt college

Schooling is not learning. Schooling is for most a form of cultural conditioning - follow the rules or else! Real learning is what the human brain does. The question is: how rich is the playground at each age and stage of life? John Taylor Gatto put it this way: 'The more standardized and costly schooling becomes – the less literate and truly educated the population grows.' Read the full interview with John Taylor Gatto.

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Imagine if you redirected all the time, money and attention that you and your child invest in public schooling, preschool through college, and invested this in experiences that open and develop your and your child’s innate interests and capacities. Yes, this takes time, BUT you and your child are already investing this time and energy anyway. Why not co-create the best possible experience – and love every minute rather than pay Wall Street the debt plus interest and get so little. It is time to “Rethink Education.”

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