I loved this insight when we first recorded it and I love it today. Here Joe describes the origins of language itself. We all know that the use of symbols and metaphors is the defining capacity that distinguishes human beings from all other species. What we take for granted is the awesome computing power needed to describe how to get to the market and to decode and understand the message. It’s almost unbelievable. Our use and misuse of this truly miraculous capacity is both our saving grace and our downfall. Language opens the door to the causal nature of consciousness and it is the source of fearful selfish egos that will sell another’s soul for a nickel. At thirteen months young Carly Elizabeth is beginning to understand ‘let’s read a book.’ She doesn’t know what that means in a literal sense but she does know it means sitting in my lap and turning pages. As Bev Bos says, experiences to attach words to. Good enough. Joe Pearce on the nature and structure of language.

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Michael Mendizza