Part 10 On Bonding, Innate Trust and Respect
Consider the impact of a mother’s inability to trust her own instincts and that of her child. All that is left is acculturation, socialization with implied threats, punishments and rewards, behavior modification. The idea that a new human being coming into this world is a creature whose behavior must be modified with punishments, rewards, adult ideas of right and wrong is totally against nature’s billion year old plan. If the mother can’t trust and respect her own intuitions – there is no way she can trust the child. And if the child senses that there is no trust on either level is to leave that child psychologically abandoned, robbing the child of any feelings of security or personal power.
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Corporate Exploitation of Children
It was a capital crime in the late 1800’s to market to children, punishable by death. In the 1950’s exploitive corporate marketing targeting pre-teen vulnerabilities was limited to comic books and cereal boxes. Today the average child carries their smack (electronic Heroin) everywhere they go shooting-up 8 to 10 hours per day. In a smart and illuminating discussion law Professor Joel Bakan discusses his new book "Childhood Under Siege: How Big Business Targets Children.”
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Joel confirms what Ralph Nader and his researcher found years ago, that corporate predators index age specific childhood vulnerabilities and exploit these weaknesses every child has to: 1 addict the child to corporate media and 2. emotionally manipulate children to consume more and more. Addiction equals consumption. Then learn how Ralph Nader’s researcher revealed how corporate marketers were using Joseph Chilton Pearce’s collected works to zero in on emotional weaknesses of children to sell, sell, sell and sell more. Nothing has changed, except parents are dumber, being addicted themselves and pimps like Disney and Viacom, are much smarter.
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The Latest on Cell Phone Use and Other Wireless Technologies
At least a dozen countries have begun to adopt a precautionary approach toward cell phone use and other wireless technologies. Einstein, Mozart and Chief Seattle did not have phones, faxes or portable video-computers and they did just fine. Electronic media is dead, incapable of developing true imagination and radiant empathy. The more the developing brain interacts with dead technology the less alive that brain becomes. The weaver becomes the web.
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Michael Mendizza