What is the Easter Bunny and is he or she real?

For Carly Elizabeth, Easter 2021

Some people will tell you, “Bunnies don’t lay eggs, so there is no Easter Bunny.” Don’t believe them. Of course, they are correct. Bunnies don’t lay eggs, but this doesn’t mean that what we call the Easter Bunny isn’t real.

Nobody sees sunlight, but they can feel it. It warms everyone. Without that light, nothing would grow. Sunlight is very real, just like the Easter Bunny, even if we can’t see it.

The Easter Bunny is real, just like Angles, Fairies, Fairy God Mothers and Fathers, and Santa Clause too. Each of these is different, like the special invisible light that comes with each season. They touch us even if we can’t see them, just like the Heart Songs we share snuggling every day touches us. We can feel it, even though we don’t see it.

The year is divided into four seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. During each season special things happen to living things, like you and me: beginnings or birth, growing-up and having babies, harvesting all that we have planted, and letting go, which makes room for new cycles to begin.

Forever and ever people like us have celebrated the start of each new season, because each season is a very important part of being alive, and that means this light is an important part of each of us.

At the beginning of winter, we celebrate Christmas. Santa is the Winter Fairy, a special light or spirit that helps people want to share gifts with everyone, especially children. Santa can’t possibly be everywhere on Christmas Eve, so like Mr. Edwards in Little House on the Prairie, Santa’s invisible light touches the hearts of helpers to spread his magic. Santa whispers to everyone who believes. He even touches many people who don’t believe, and they help Santa share his gifts too, even if they don’t know that is what they are doing.

The same is true in Spring. The special light that wakes up the grass, the trees, and flowers, the invisible energy that tells baby bunnies and chicks to come out and play, whispers in the hearts of helpers like Mama and me. “Celebrate the magic of spring with gifts,” it sings, “especially gifts for children, so they will feel and remember the light too.”  

Just like the sunlight, that special magic that is Santa in Winter, and the Easter Bunny in Spring, touches and warms the hearts of everyone around the world. That magic light invites helpers, large and small, to celebrate the important feeling of each season by sharing gifts of love and happiness, of laughter and kindness, together, especially with children.

Because this magical light is invisible, and stories often need pictures, storytellers, forever and ever, have painted pictures of this magic light to help children and grown-ups remember what invisible energy feels like. In the Spring they paint pictures of eggs, bunnies, and flowers because that is what magic light feels like in spring.

In the winter they paint pictures of happy Santa, with his full tummy, white wise beard, and gifts, because this is the way people feel inside when they celebrate the magic light of Winter. When the magic winter light touches the heart of helpers, they feel happy too, full of good feelings, and they want to share their joy and warm feelings with others, especially with children. That is what Santa’s light does each winter. It fills everyone with magic, so everyone becomes a Santa.

The Easter Bunny, Fairies, and Santa are just as real as the morning light, and the wind that carries your kite high in the sky, even though you can’t see it. Everyone who is touched by this light becomes a Santa in winter, and the Easter Bunny in spring, even if they don’t know that this is what they are doing. Even you.

We love you as big as the sky
MaMa Bunny
and TaTa Bunny