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Michael Mendizza


Dear Michael,

This past week, 15 of Big Pharma’s indentured servants — so-called “independent” advisors to the CDC — gave Pfizer and Moderna license to maim and kill millions more innocent children.

They did it by voting to add a dangerous, ineffective, experimental medical product to the most lucrative Pharma gravy train of all: the childhood immunization schedule.

This is an act of child abuse on a massive scale.

You and I know these products don’t stop infection or transmission — and we have mountains of science to prove it.

We know children don’t need these vaccines . . . their immune systems are fully capable of fending off this virus.

We know close to 90% of kids already have natural immunity.

We know these vaccines were rushed to market with flimsy testing . . . and then hyped to a public primed for panic by a lazy — or worse — media.

We also know this: The risks of these products far outweigh the benefits … especially for children.

Pharma, the FDA and the CDC know all of this, too.

Yet, they would, callously and with impunity, sacrifice innocent children at the altar of greed and hubris.

Children’s Health Defense will pursue every avenue, legal and otherwise, to protect innocent children from this assault . . . including going to battle against any state that tries to mandate these shots.

You have my word . . . but we’ll need your help.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to double your impact before midnight October 31.

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.