One of the most important themes Joe develops is the way adult perceptions preselect and filter reality as it develops in the child. The common assumption is that there is ‘reality’ out there and our senses experience simply reports that. Not quite. Joe cites research that we perceive as our human reality a relatively small percentage of total vibratory spectrum that surrounds us, filtering out most. Being open-ended, the developing child is open to and experiences more frequencies than the adult culture accepts. By pointing to objects and seeing if the adult responds the child quickly learns to see and experience only those frequency realms shared by adults, thus limiting their true potential by conforming to the limitations of that culture. What Joe calls cracks in this reality-structure allow individuals to experience phenomena that are impossible in that reality frame. As you may know, one of the many cracks in Joe’s personal experience was not being burned by fire. The essential point being developed throughout Joe’s life and writing is that our reality formation is relative, opening the window to undreamed of possibilities.

Michael Mendizza