The True Purpose of CA SB276

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense Chairman

Merck introduced its measles vaccine in 1963, claiming the vaccine would convey lifelong immunity equivalent to a natural infection, with health officials promising that 55% vaccine coverage would produce “herd immunity” sufficient to eradicate measles by 1967.

Leading scientists of the day, including the world’s preeminent bacteriologist, Sir Graham Wilson and Harvard Virologist John Enders, who first isolated measles, warned against introducing a vaccine unless it provided lifelong immunity. Measles, they cautioned, would rebound with increased virulence and mortality as the vaccine forced the evolution of more virulent strains and shifted outbreaks away from children—biologically evolved to handle measles—to the elderly who could die from pneumonia, and young infants now unequipped with maternal immunity.

A 1984 Johns Hopkins University modeling study predicted that Merck’s population-wide experiment would increase measles outbreaks by 2050, (when the last generation subject to natural immunity died off,) compared to the pre-vaccine era. This is exactly what has happened. Merck’s vaccine, with a growing failure rate has been incapable of abolishing the disease. Vaccine failure has left millions of adult Californians effectively unvaccinated. And 79% of people affected by measles in this year’s California outbreak were adults.

When eradication predictably didn’t materialize and measles attacked fully-vaccinated populations, Merck simply moved the goalpost saying that herd immunity required 75% vaccination, then 85%, then 95%, then 98%. And now 99%. To distract the world’s citizens from its failed vaccine, Merck started blaming “anti-vaxxers.” (The Vaccine Safety Movement)

Now California’s bought or brain-dead lawmakers are proposing to “fix” Merck’s vaccine failure problem by punishing 4,000 vulnerable children with medical exemptions. In an act of legislative savagery, Democratic politicians propose to forcibly vaccinate children whose doctors have told them that a vaccine could kill or severely injure them. SB276 will not fix the measles outbreak or solve the problem of vaccine failure, it will only reward a corrupt company for a defective product.

“The way you get democracy to function is by informing the public.”

 – Robert Kennedy


Dr. Tim O’Shea, FB

We all know the basics by now – yes, yes that this is the most draconian vaccine law ever passed in the USA, and that it means the de facto end to exemptions in California, et.  Beyond that, most of the nonstop FB claims from the various vax whiners, anti-vaxers, etc., don’t really seem to know much about it.

All variations of hysteria and paranoia are circulating, most of which can be dispelled by a simple reading of the text. Which nobody does, obviously. Most of us will do anything to avoid reading, right?

So here are a few of the actual provisions from California’s newest idea of democracy.

First off, no matter what you hear, SB276 doesn’t go into effect until 1 Jan 2021. So you still have one more year of trying to get a medical exemption. Best of luck.

With the customary illiteracy mandatory for California legislators, there are 7 Sections of the final version of SB276, signed by the invertebrate Newsom. It’s a triumph of bad English, endless run-ons, dangling modifiers, self-contradiction, absence of indentation, etc. You never know what’s under what.  That’s by design.  Deliberately confusing, with duplicity as their watchword, since the days of AB2109.

Section 1 Obviously penned by Pan and his Pan-handlers, the bill begins with the usual litany of corporate junk science statements.  Undocumented propaganda, typical everyday media fare regarding vaccines.  Vaccines are safe, necessary, etc… You know the mantras.

Section 2 A medical exemption must be submitted before 1 Jan 2021

Section 3 There will be a new medical exemption form by 1 Jan 2021.

The new form has 9 requirements, including:

  • The doctor must be the child’s regular physician, or else a good reason why not.
  • A specific medical reason for exempting each vaccine
  • The exemption may be permanent or temporary
  • Doctors will be monitored for “unusually high” numbers of exemptions signed
  • Unusually high is defined as more than 5 per year
  • All schools will be monitored for % of vaccinations in a new database
  • Existing exemptions must be entered into the database in order to remain valid. Thatis, proscription of the unvaccinated is now law.

Section 4 The exemption form signed by the doctor may still be revoked by any member of the state “immunization department.” No credentials or education required for members. It doesn’t specify if a child will be barred from school if a medical exemption is revoked.

Section 5 The law requires the schools to keep track of vaccinations and to bar unvaxed children from entrance. The school is referred to as “the governing authority of the school” which is nonexistent. Illusory. Schools have no governing authority. SB276 illegally drafts schools into service as enforcers of the new vaccine laws. In addition, the new law forces the school to keep track of the % vaccinated, at its own expense. Taxpayer funds, state and county will be tapped.

Section 6 Specifically overwrites existing federal HIPAA confidentiality laws regarding sharing of personal vaccination records by allowing schools and state “immunization department” personnel to share personal records of students with several different state and federal agencies, including health insurance companies.

This section is deliberately contradictory and confusing, back and forth between saying the records are confidential but may be shared with the entire known universe, etc. One fact emerges clearly: an unvaccinated child’s records will be available somehow to all and sundry.

Hidden at the bottom of the page, the law states that the parent may refuse to share the child’s private vaccination records with all these agencies.  But this may be impossible to enforce because of the convoluted interdepartmental record-sharing specified throughout.

Also it is extremely unlikely a parent will ever know of this right. Who’s going to tell them? Who’s going to read the text of SB276?  Nor is there any form or protocol for documenting such a refusal.

So much for the highlights. Read the whole text here, if you dare.

So what’s wrong with this picture? You mean beyond the blatant violations of the First and Sixth Amendments: freedom of religion, and the right to be secure in one’s person? Vaccine orthodoxy has now become the new state religion, by definition.  Religion is belief in that for which there is no evidence. OK, so most people believe in the unproven vaccine theory.  So what?  They can vaccinate away, as many shots as they like.

But what is egregious and unprecedented now is that their dogma has just imposed its peculiar belief on the entire population of California, forcing the specious scientific views of the vaccine religion upon 100% of the population.

Worse, the mass censorship sweeping the country since the fake measles outbreak last January has simply expunged the entire vaccine discussion from corporate and social media.  There is no more dialog, no more vaccine controversy.  YouTube has deleted thousands of videos on vaccines. Including mine. Amazon has banned dozens of books. Including mine.

Anyone who is just seeking information on the science behind vaccines is immediately branded as anti-vax. The new censorship has all but ended the discussion of vaccine science, except for a very small group. So new parents trying to find referenced science on the problems with vaccines can find very little. Most of them give up and just follow the path of least resistance – the needle. E.L. Bernays’ latest masterpiece of social engineering.

But even that is not the worst. The ninth circle of hell here is that most people in this state, in this country, think it’s a good thing that vaccine science has been banned from open discussion. They think it’s fine that the majority has forced its religious views on the minority.

And they don’t even see what just happened - that this year’s social transformation on vaccine choice was not even about vaccines at all. It was about one point of view being forced on everyone else by the power of incessant media, bought and paid for by vested interests. And now confirmed by force of law.

Look how easy it was. Almost no opposition. In just a few months, a new precedent was set, Laws can now be passed to force the public to comply with virtually any policy that can be instilled onto the general awareness by an all-out media blitz.

What was its agenda? Inform the public?  Improve public health?  No. It was to insure vaccine sales and return on investment - now and forever.

Where does that leave us? What do we have to look forward to?

At present, the only ways out of vaccines in California are medical exemption and homeschool.  Attacks from the state medical board and the insurance companies have all but eliminated medical exemptions already – over a year before the law goes into effect.

By 2021, California will be the first location since Nazi Germany where inoculations will be de facto mandatory. Homeschool and compulsory vaccines for adults legislation is already in the works in Sacramento. One thing we’ve learned in the last 6 years – we can no longer say ‘that will never happen.’ It’s all possible now. Where’s the opposition?

It’s in evidence a little, mostly in social media. And a smattering on the steps of the Capitol.  But what effect has it had in the past 6 years? Virtually none. All the laws steamrolled their way through Sacramento without a hitch.

The enlightened, those still capable of rational thought, may see through the façade of scripted lies and corporate hawking. But their numbers never grew. The antivaxers sit in a circle facing each other, talking only to each other, their number numbers slowly dwindling year after year. Common sense never crystallized – too much reading.

The vaccine awareness groups remain very small, with few exceptions. They are fragmented, contentious, disorganized and really have only one thing in common: they’ve haven’t made the slightest difference in California.

Any money they do have doesn’t go towards new legislation – something like that requires deepest pockets and boundless largesse towards legislators. No, the small money goes towards individual court cases. But even when they win, all findings are bound by gag order, so that each new case must start from scratch.

Someone tell us where any of the above is wrong. Go ahead. If there is any reason for cheerfulness or optimism, let’s hear it – just a glimmer of evidence. It’s been 6 years now with vaccine laws and awareness inexorably headed in a single direction. Apparently the thousands leaving the state are not particularly sanguine about the future.

Yes, the weather is beautiful. And the economy is booming (for those at the top). But, without undue pessimism, it’s no exaggeration that California seems to be slipping into the abyss – socially, environmentally, morally, academically, politically, and intellectually. Just look around. This floodtide must continue as long as we continue to elect the caliber of individuals we've been choosing for the marionette theatre in Sacramento.

Dr. Tim