While a simulation this holographic display projects the coming advances in image manipulation is both amazing and chilling.

A colleague writes: 'Snopes says it's not true, just an idea what they might be able to do in the future. This was trick photography.'
While discouraging on the Amazing side don’t toss out the Chilling observation with the splashing whale.

Human consciousness is image based.
The various brain systems, sensory-motor, limbic, neocortex, each produce images.
See: https://ttfuture.org/academy/906

In this remarkable interview Keith Buzzell, DO, describes that one of the unique qualities that makes a brain a brain is its capacity to create images or resonate representations. Each major system; sensory-motor, limbic, neocortex, and I assume other areas such as the prefrontal cortex create unique orders of images that communicate directly and influence other systems.

Thought itself is a form of virtual reality. So are the social self or ego, memes and culture. The sensory motor and limbic systems being much older do not have the capacity to discriminate the truth or false nature of the images being produced higher up, in various cognitive-imaginative realms. This is why Tibetan practices that ultimately use visualization-imagination in a causal way, Tantra, first must cultivate the capacity to discriminate, to know thy self, meaning how the system works before diving into imaginative realms and getting lost there. This new image technology creates counterfeits of the images the human brain produces that are so compelling the brain cannot distinguish the counterfeit from what is real or true. That is the amazing part.

In 2049 it is projected that a $1,000 computer, an iPhone for example, will have more computing power than the entire human species. In a very few years technological-virtual-reality will outpace the neocortex as the neocortex outpaced the limbic and sensorimotor brain systems. The neocortex-limbic and sensory motor complex will not have the capacity to discriminate the truth or false nature of the images produced by technology. The difference, of course, is that this will take place in a few years instead of three million years. That, in itself, is Future Shock to the tenth power.

As Jerry Mander described in The Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television those in power have the resources and will utilize this technological-virtual reality in ways that continue to consolidate power and control, Orwell on steroids, creating realities that the human brain cannot distinguish - only accept, on the instant, without analysis which is what the limbic and sensory motor brain systems now do with images produced by the neocortex and at warp speed.

That is the chilling part.