Joseph Chilton PearceJoseph Chilton Pearce is original, unique. No one has done what Joe has done; passionately and incisively exploring a view of near limitless human potential and the self-imposed limitations that inhibit and block that unfolding, describing both and how they relate.

Joe had a number of para-normal experiences that are impossible given our accepted notions about reality, fire not burning, spontaneous remissions, precognition, telepathic communion, bending spoons like a corkscrew and many others, all manifestations of what he calls unconflicted behavior. These direct experiences represent cracks in our identity-reality-structure, the Cosmic Egg, which became the title of his first book.

Our reality is influenced by our notions about reality… Mind over matter is a misleading notion, and not the issue here. I have, however, traced the relation of mind and reality, as complementary poles of a continuum.

When the Hindu walks through a pit of white-hot charcoal, or the scientist experiences his Eureka! that opens new levels of reality each uses the same reality-shaping function of mind. This book traces the pattern of development underlying this function.

The crack contains an enormous, indeed romantic, optimism, however, by which I hope to counter our current passion for nihilistic self-doubt… The reality-shaping function operates automatically in spite of us, but this breath of life that structures all things is also the deepest level of our very minds, and available to any of us, even now.

Crack In the Cosmic Egg

Our self-world view, what we generally call ‘reality’ is a relative construct, a slice of the whole, by no means all-encompassing or complete. To a great extent the forces and fields we call culture limit and constrain our perceived and believed reality to a given set of accepted forms, perceptions and experiences, excluding all other potentials. For centuries humanity has maintained portals between this accepted reality and the excluded; oracles, shamanic experiences, the classic eureka which Joe has documented extensively, the savant, psychotropic substances and many other thresholds.

Inspired by the dramatic cracks in Joe’s cosmic egg his life quest has been to explore and understand, as much as possible, how the forces we call culture define, limit and constrain our reality, what potentials have been excluded and how some may be opened and developed as nature intends. It was not the particular experiences that slipped through his cracks that fired his passion; it was the casual-creative principle, the limitless possibilities that these manifestations imply that invited and propels his journey.

If our power and potential is light-years beyond what most imagine, why don’t most imagine more? An artificial lid has been placed on each human being’s development. Collectively Joe calls this artificial lid ‘culture.’ We are imprisoned by a shared dream-reality that is, after all, just a dream. What if we woke up? What would we see and become? To unravel this mystery Joe and we must question deeply how we become what we become, which Joe tackled in Magical Child and all subsequent publications.


It is my honor to present the Joseph Chilton Pearce Library

Michael Mendizza

January 1, 2015