Post Modern, Post Darwinian Vision of Evolution

Joseph Chilton Pearce and Cellular Biologist, Speaker and Author Bruce Lipton gathered with a small international group to explore a Post Modern, Post Darwinian Vision of Evolution. The first chapter of Pearce's last book, Strange Loops, inspired by the observation that man's brain and the universe mirror each other outlines a radical new vision of evolution where consciousness plays an active role. Bruce Lipton's latest work, Spontaneous Evolution, outlines a similar vision. Bruce shared during the opening session how he, coming from a reductionist scientific background, came to this vision from the bottom up. Joe came to the same perceptions from the top down. They met in the middle and explored this life altering paradigm for three days. Fifty participants traveled from Japan, from Bali, Canada, Europe and across the United States to witness and add to this rare and remarkable exchange.