Magical Parent - Magical Child New Introduction 3rd Edition

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Magical Parent - Magical Child
Michael Mendizza with
Joseph Chilton Pearce

michael mendizzaMagical Parent – Magical Child began with a simple insight; The Future Is Now. If I am aggressive or kind today chances are I will be the same way tomorrow and my children will be too. If I want to bring about real change, a new pattern or possibility, a baby step forward in evolution it must take place now, this moment. By changing how I think, feel and act - now - I create a different next moment. If I don’t change now - I will be tomorrow what I am today.

Gandhi said; ‘be the change we want to see in others’. This insight brings that change, which is the future, into the present. Right now is where all the action is. Now is the only chance we’ve got.

magical parent magical child bookJoseph Chilton Pearce added depth to this basic insight when he described the ‘model imperative’ in his best selling book, The Magical Child. Each of us represents vast capacities, more and greater than ever imagined. The awakening and development of each capacity requires a model-environment to serve as a catalyst for that potential’s opening and development. No model – no development. That is the ‘model imperative’.

What does this mean to you and me and most importantly our children - the future of humanity? Millions of years of genetic memory and potential are packed into every cell and trillions of these cells combine to make up each unique human being. In the past genetic encoding was viewed as a rather fixed, mechanical blueprint.

Recent discoveries tell us that genetic expression is far less fixed than ever imagined. Fixed patterns do exist however, the entire system is constantly adapting. That means changing, transforming in response and in relationship to environmental signals. Genes are much more verbs, moving, changing, than nouns. The entire human experience is one of constant change - surfing the ever-changing waves of the universe.


Michael Mendizza – Raising Shameless, Free, Responsible Young People

We have two possibilities, and the full continuum in-between: a brain that is nourished with rich sensory experiences from birth forward, one that integrates and therefore understands, with true intelligence, what it experiences with balance and harmony - and a sensory deprived brain, a brain that is constantly at war with itself. Which do you suppose is truly responsible, empathic and intelligent? Which is exploitive, violent and aggressive? Read more about Michael Mendizza – Raising Shameless, Free, Responsible Young People


Michael Mendizza – Sensory Deprivation and the Developing Brain

Brain growth and everything it implies is ‘experience dependent’. The last decade of research reveals a reciprocal dynamic between the brain and the environment. Change the environment and your change the brain. In many ways our modern life style is deficient in body touch and body movement – and this impacts the brain.
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Prescott, Pearce, Mendizza - Pleasure Bonds

Pleasure and happiness provide the “glue” that attach and bond human relationships. We are attracted to experiences that generate pleasure and disassociate from those that cause physical or emotional pain. Pleasure and its subsequent bonding integrate brain development. Pain prevents this integration. Pleasure and pain are the primary sensory systems for socialization, which are encoded first in the emotional-social-sexual brain and later in the cognitive, rational, thinking brain. Read more about Prescott, Pearce, Mendizza - Pleasure Bonds


Michael Mendizza – The Parent Taboo

Parents must reinvent themselves, in different ways, right along with their children. But they don’t. Parenting is transient. Pregnancy morphs into birth. One transforms into two. Each age and stage opens a new threshold to something unknown and unexpected for the child - and for the parent. The skills used to meet the needs of a three year old are completely different at five. The environment is also changing, as dramatically as our children. Read more about Michael Mendizza – The Parent Taboo


Michael Mendizza – Living Fully Moment by Moment

We are either growing or dying. There is no middle ground. Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton put it simply. A cell is growing or protecting itself. Growth stops when a cell organizes for protection. When protection becomes chronic, the cell dies. In childhood growth is explosive. Later it slows. For some it stops. Thoreau said, most "live lives of quiet desperation." Quiet desperation is dying slowly.

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