Practical Wisdom for Living Today

Joseph Chilton PearceI met Joseph Chilton Pearce over twenty-five years ago and like many was stunned by his unique blending of developmental science, transcendent evolution and a keen insight regarding our amazing capacities and self-inflected limitations. Yes, he presented a broad factual and theoretical foundation for developing fully our human potentials. What set Joe apart was his direct experience of innate capacities that, given the accepted scientific paradigm, were impossible, fire not burning, for example.

His passionate and relentless quest has been to understand what miracles that lay hidden, undeveloped in the complex human design and the forces that prevent the expression of these near limitless capacities. Implicit in his ‘impossible’ experiences is the obvious and undeniable fact that we recognize, open and develop a fraction of what nature has given and therefore expects each of us to experience and express. What is holding us back? Why are these limiting forces so powerful? Why do most fail to believe or even question that ‘normal’ is at best – mediocre? Where do we look for models that have reached beyond cultural norms and express more of what it means to be human?

Joseph Chilton Pearce is original. You will find pieces of his expansive vision of human wholeness in other works. What you will not find is the big picture, the coherent map of our developmental landscape, the concrete examples of our amazing capacities and how we severely limit ourselves and our children with crippling consequences. His is a journey of high expectations. We can wake up. We can see that we are forging the chains that bind us and our children. We can remain open, experience and develop intelligences and capacities far beyond what we have been told.

It is an honor to present: The Joseph Chilton Pearce Collection

Michael Mendizza